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2024 Championship Rules
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2024 Basic Race Day Rules
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Race Day Reminders

Registration: You must come to the tower during registration to sign waivers, draw pills and pay fees. All fees must be paid at time of registration.

Rookies Moving Up: Rookie families, please notify the tower during registration if this is your first race, first race moving from red to blue, or first race moving from blue to a competitive class. You must have the approval of the rookie director before moving up. If you are moving from red to blue, you can get verbal approval. If you are moving from blue to competitive classes, you must fill out the Blue Rookie Move Up Form (see link above) and submit that at least a week before you plan to move up.

Friday practice: The track is open for practice all day each Friday before a scheduled event. Track lights will be used after dusk. Friday night practice ends at 10PM.

Transponders: We will utilize the MyRacePass system and transponders for all club events for qualifying, heats, lowers and mains. Electronic scoring will not determine a race finish, and manual scores will still be used in the tower for all races. All transponder rules from the USAC (NYS) rule book will apply – Appendix III: Section 310.

Reserved parking spaces: Please do not park in or on some else’s reserved parking spots and or in the No Parking areas. If you are interested in reserving a parking space, the parking fundraiser form and parking map can be found on the Become a Member page.

Electrical Hookups: There are 12 hookups available: 6 along the covered staging area and 6 on the scale house side.  No extension cords are allowed to be run across the roadways.

Bikes/Scooters: Please remind children that helmets must be worn at all times when riding bikes, scooters, etc. They may not ride in the area around the restrooms. They must stay outside of the fences in areas until all racing is completed.  Children should be respectful of people walking or standing. They will be given one warning and then items will be confiscated.

Entry to Hot Chute/Track Areas: Only current year USAC/NCQMA members over the age of 16 who have signed waivers and are wearing wristbands are allowed into the hot chute and restricted track areas. The hot chute is not to be used as a walk through for anyone under age 16. Please help us enforce this rule and keep everyone safe by reminding your friends and family members who are not USAC/NCQMA members that they cannot be in these areas. Closed toe shoes are required in the hot chute.

Fuel: Competitor supplied fuel will be used for all race day events. Track fuel (87 octane) must be purchased at the Pilot Station on Peeler Rd (exit 71 off of I-85). A controlled sample of fuel purchased the day of the event may be used to test fuel throughout the day.

Race Day Schedule: Remember that the race day schedule is tentative and may be adjusted by the NCQMA BOD/RDO.

Club & Drivers’ Meetings: Club meetings (when scheduled) and drivers’ meetings are mandatory on race days. Random roll call will be taken during meetings. If the driver and handler are not present, the driver will start in the rear of their race.

General Reminders:

  • Every driver must use a RaceCeiver during racing.
  • Be sure to have AAA batteries for your RaceCeiver or be prepared to rent one from the tower.
  • Please turn in any outstanding membership forms to the NCQMA Secretary.
  • Remember all Alternate Handlers must complete the NCQMA application and Zero Tolerance Policy. These forms must be submitted with a $25 per handler fee.
  • NCQMA is intended to have a family friendly atmosphere. Please refrain from using offensive, vulgar or derogatory language and gestures.