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Rookie Program

Download the Rookie Training Manual |  Download the Rookie Checklist |Download the USAC Rookie Program Manual – See Page 56-66 | Blue Rookie Move-Up Form

The NCQMA Rookie Training Program is a fun, informative learning process.

Each potential driver must complete one of the NCQMA Rookie Training sessions offered during the season to be eligible to participate in .25 midget racing.

Rookie Training Dates can be found on our schedule.

Please be advised that NCQMA reserves the right to modify these dates if necessary. If you have concerns about these dates, please contact our Rookie Director. If there is enough interest, we are happy to schedule additional dates.

Rookie Program Requirements

  • Red Rookies must run a LOCKED left rear hub for all Red Rookie races.
  • All Rookie participants must have their restrictor plate and a safety switch installed on top of the roll cage to participate. Please contact our Rookie Director with any questions.
  • All Rookie participants must complete their NCQMA Membership prior to participating in Rookie Training. Please mail in your membership application prior to attending rookie training. Membership documents and instructions can be found here.
  • All Rookie participants must participate in all of the Rookie Training Classes and graduate in order to be eligible to race in the Rookie Division at NCQMA Speedway or any other USAC track. Please contact our Rookie Director with any questions! We look forward to having you as a part of our racing family!

Membership – To Join NCQMA:

Membership documents and instructions are located on our “Become a Member” page.

To ask questions, connect with other members and get help, be sure to join our NCQMA Families Facebook group.

Got Questions?

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