Warm Weather = Hot Racing

(above photo) Levi Riffle (5) and Ryan Repko (2) stay low to get by Connor Yonchuk (3) and Gage Painter (1) with 10 laps to go in the Lt. 160 feature. Repko crossed the finish line just inches ahead of Riffle for the win.

The 2014 NCQMA season finally got under way on Saturday at the Salisbury track and the competition has already hit fever pitch. We saw first time winners as well as some familiar names in victory circle.

The first race of the day went to Jacob Borst in his Hvy 160 machine. “This was a brand new car and the first race in this car,” said Borst. Jacob passed Macy Currie with 14 laps to go and set sail for the win. Currie’s car broke loose coming out of turn four and Borst seized the opportunity to get around her. “My car was a little tight at the start and we came in to the pits and made it looser and once I got around Macy (Currie) I led the rest of the laps.”(click here to continue reading)