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Anderson Photography will be offering photography services to NCQMA for 2015. The pictures will be taken, sorted and applied to account by Brannon Anderson.  Brannon has a strong interest in photography and has been in training. In the past at NCQMA the photography has been displayed online and offered proactively.  We have since realized some folks do not want pictures so we will offer four simple packages.  These packages are a one-time fee for each package.  Also, a thumb drive needs to be supplied so all of your pictures are on your own thumb drive for you to have and hold.  Once you supply the thumb drive, your photo’s will be loaded after every race on your thumb drive.  If you request a special session, your whole session will be loaded onto your thumb drive.  Basically, all photo’s of your child, your race and your team will be automatically loaded onto your thumb drive.  If you decide you want pictures of other kids or teams, you can come into the registration building on race days and pick any extra photo’s to add to your drive.  We will talk with you to make sure we include anything you want on your drive.  We will write down any special requests from you like, “I like close ups or I want race only pictures”.  We will not post pictures in a public forum for viewing.  This is a clean, easy, straight forward way to collect memories and not have to spend time picking out pictures and buying all throughout the year.  It is an easy, one-time fee way to handle it.

Check our our “Glimpse of the Race Day” photos here!

Package 1: Unlimited photo’s for 2015 racing season – $150.00 (can be divided into 3 payments)

Package 2: Photo’s from one race or per race – $18.00  or individual photos – $3.00 each

Package 3: Per request, special photo session – $50.00

Package 4: Shutterfly, 8X8 book, 10-15 pages – $100.00

Travelers Package: For non-members who travel to NCQMA to race at special events (such as the Dixie Shootout Series regional races), all photos will be made available immediately after the conclusion of the day’s race activities. Simply bring an empty USB flash drive* (4GB or more recommended, please label with your name) to the tower at registration and give it to Kimberly or Brannon Anderson. After all races have finished, see them to pick-up your flash drive with the photos. – $35.00

*Flash drives will also be available for purchase for an additional charge.

Check our our “Glimpse of the Race Day” photos here!