No Points, Just Fun!!!

(above photo)  Nate Bort really had fun on Saturday, winning his first ever Red Rookie race, shown here taking his victory lap.

For the NCQMA drivers that do not travel to the national events, Saturday was a time to gather at the track and race just for the “fun of it”!  But just because it was a fun race doesn’t mean that there wasn’t some great racing.

We’ve heard over and over from many of these young drivers that they always show up at the track with the intention of winning, no matter what’s at stake.  For example,  today the Conover brothers were racing each other with Tyler, the oldest of the two, leading the race and eventually going on to pick up the win , but not before his little brother, Cody Bear, got his attention on the track.  In the post race interview Tyler said he was worried that Cody was going to pass him and he didn’t want that to happen.  After all, a win is a win, and you certainly do not want your little brother show you up on the race track!  And just as the interview ended Cody was climbing from his car and the first driver over to congratulate him was Tyler!  Brotherly love, you can’t beat it!

That just goes to show you that there is a lot more than “racing” going on at the NCQMA!

Fans are reminded to listen to the broadcast of today’s racing action by going to and clicking on the LISTEN LIVE button.  You will enjoy Sam Hatfield, Ryan Repko, and Luke Akers’ expert commentary as well as numerous interviews from the garage during the day.