March 4th Work Day

March 4th will be our first work day of the year. Members must attend either this work day or the one scheduled for November 18th. If you cannot attend either work day, you will need to get a task to complete from track director Jack Neubacher instead. We will also hold our first club meeting of 2017 at 10AM, prior to beginning the work day activities.

Safety director Craig Wiand will be performing 2017 safety inspections. All cars must be inspected and receive a 2017 USAC safety sticker before you can race. Our goal is to get as many cars inspected at the work day as possible, so please try to bring your car on Saturday if you can.

We will also need a few cars and drivers to test our new MyLaps software system to make sure that it is working correctly. We will take about 15 minutes after the meeting to test this with the cars on the track. Transponders will be provided. Please let president Dave Conover know if you are able to help with this (contact info on the Contact Us page).

Additional information from track director Jack Neubacher:
We have compiled an ambitious list of chores in our “Job Jar” to get our home track ready for the racing season. We all want to keep our track and grounds in #1 condition both for the safety of our drivers, handlers, and spectators and for overall appearance.

We will be starting our day at 9:00 AM by choosing work assignments, putting together tools and getting staged so we can get to work immediately after our 10:00 AM Member Meeting is over. The more hands that show up, the earlier we can be on our way.

For those who can’t attend on Saturday, there will be a list of projects in the scale house that need to be finished before our first race on March 18th. Just pick a project or three and sign out on the list and we will give you some credit for your efforts.

With doing painting on the track and hot chute area, I expect that we will need to keep the track closed for practice, probably until Wednesday March 8, depending on the weather.

We are also in need of the following donations of supplies:
Toilet bowl cleaner
Toilet tissue
Paper towels
Disinfectant wipes
Liquid hand soap
Spray Cleaner