Macy Currie Is On a Rail

(above photo) Welcome to .25 Midget Racing and welcome to victory lane, Dexter Canipe III wins his first ever race!

In case you haven’t noticed this summer, Macy Currie has made a habit of winning races. She picked up two more wins on Tuesday night at the NCQMA track in Salisbury. Currie started the night with a dominating win in Hvy. 160, winning by ¾ of a lap. Macy’s other win came in the final race of the evening, the Hvy. Honda 35-lap “A” Main. Macy realizes just how much better she is doing this year, but she is quick to point out that it doesn’t just happen. “We put in a lot of practice time before races and get our cars set up,” Currie said.


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