Important NCQMA Updates


Summer Series
The final race of the Tuesday night Summer Series will be 8/21. You do not have to use a drop for the race that was cancelled due to rain. Points will be calculated using your top 5 finishes.

Rookie Extravaganza
Our Rookie Extravaganza cup race will be 8/25. Rookie families, if you are planning to participate in this race, please sign up by going to -> Register (in the top menu) -> Aug 25 Rookie Extravaganza or clicking here so that we can make sure we will have enough trophies for everyone.

Opening/Closing Duties
We still need families to signup for opening/closing. Each family must sign up for 3. We still have families that have done only 1 or none. Opening/closing sign-ups are on the website under Register -> 2018 Opening/Closing Signups, clicking here, or you can email Andrea Thomas to be added.

Current opening/closing spots that need to be filled:
Sat 09/22 – 1 family for opening, 2 families for closing
Sat 10/06 – 1 family for opening, 4 families for closing
Sat 10/20 – 3 families for opening, 2 families for closing
Sat 11/03 – 4 families for opening, 4 families for closing

Yearbook Information
Yearbook packets were passed out at the last club meeting and can also be downloaded here.

Picture Days: Please note that our picture days will be 8/25 and 9/22. Please have your driver see Kara to get their head shot done (drivers must be wearing driving driving suit and hats must be removed). Kara will be taking photos near the tower from 10AM until racing begins. We will also do a group photo immediately following the drivers meeting on 8/25. All drivers should wear their driving suit to the meeting. BOD/RDO members will also need to have their head shots taken on one of these dates.

Yearbook Ads: Ads are what pay for our yearbook for our drivers! Please consider purchasing an ad to highlight your driver and their racing memories from the year or to advertise your business. If you plan to do an ad or ads, please let Andrea Thomas know as soon as possible so that she can include your page(s) in the yearbook layout. The deadline for ads to be paid for is 11/4. You may pay Andrea Thomas or Tony Polce (just let him know that your payment is for your yearbook ad). See yearbook packet for additional information and pricing.

Retiring Drivers: If this is your driver’s last year racing at NCQMA, you get a FREE retiring driver page in the yearbook. You must contact Andrea Thomas and fill out a retiring driver form to receive a retiring driver page.

Your Photos: Photos are what make our yearbook great! If you have photos that you think would be good for the yearbook (especially candid moments and photos from the national/regional races), we now have an app you can use to upload those photos directly! Search your app store for the Pictavo Community app or visit from your computer to be able to upload photos. You will need to create an account using the School ID 77202 or entering the state & city to find “North Carolina Quarter Midget Association.” You can also email or text photos to / 704-604-3960 (make sure any pictures submitted are original size/full resolution).

Oh Baby: This year we are doing a special section in the yearbook for baby pictures of our drivers! Please submit 2-3 pictures of your driver between birth and age 4. If you have printed photos, you can bring those to Andrea Thomas to be scanned and she will return them to you asap. Please make sure they are in a ziplock bag and labeled with your name.

Yearbook Questions: Contact Andrea Thomas at, 704-604-3960, or via Facebook with any yearbook related questions.