Important Information for 5/19 Race

Due to the rain this week, please park trailers/campers on paved areas only.

If you have an extra blower, please bring it so that we can get the track dried quickly, if needed. We will need everyone’s help drying the track if we have rain during the day, so please plan to pitch in.

If it is not raining in the morning, we will begin racing at 10AM and will hold the club meeting later in the day. Please listen for announcements as the meeting may be held during a rain delay (if there is one) or after racing has finished. If it is raining at 10AM, we will hold the club meeting then as originally scheduled.

Remember that if you need to make a change to your opening/closing signup less than a week before the race you signed up for, please either find a replacement or contact Jack Neubacher (, 704-213-6937) to let him know so that we can find someone else to fill that spot.