Dixie Shootout Series Race #3 Results

Our drivers were beyond excited to host round #3 of the Dixie Shootout Series and get the opportunity to race on their “home field” on May 23rd. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather as we started the day under Carolina blue skies. We were very fortunate to have a little something special for our opening activities for this Memorial Day weekend race. Savannah and Samantha, of Bart Girls Racing, did an awesome rendition of the national anthem while flags were driven around the track. After that, our drivers set out to prove that they were some of the best as 108 cars took to the track and the competition began to heat up.


NCQMA drivers took fast time in 9 out of 10 classes. Jacob Borst (Hvy Honda) and Nick Loden (Lt 160) also set new track records in their respective classes.


Fast Times in Qualifying
Red Rookie – Brady Fabian*
Blue Rookie – Drew Graham
Jr Honda – Coltan Currie*
Sr Honda – Luke Riffle*
Hvy Honda – Jacob Borst* (new track record)
Jr Animal – Gavan Boschele*
Sr Animal – Nick Loden*
Hvy 160 – Levi Riffle*
Lt 160 – Nick Loden* (new track record)
Hvy WF – Jacob Borst*
* Denotes NCQMA member



After nearly sweeping the top qualifying spots across the board, our drivers were on a roll and continued to rack up wins and podium finishes as the day went on, taking the top spot in 10 out of 11 races.



The Boschele Family also got lucky and took home the Briggs & Stratton generator in the giveaway!


Congrats to all the drivers who participated in the the 3rd race of the Dixie Shootout Series!

Here are the complete results for our members:

Red Rookie
1) Brady Fabian
2) Leland Bullins
3) Blake Lauderback
4) Taylor Elenz



Blue Rookie, Race 1
2) Alex Reling
5) Taite Davis
6) Trevor Cline



Blue Rookie, Race 2
1) Aiden Garcia
2) Maci Burkhart
3) Cole Burkhart
4) Stephen Timbinaris
5) Cael Ruthenbeck



Jr Honda
1) Gavan Boschele
2) Delana Hodge
4) Turner Wiand
5) Will Boprey
6) Coltan Currie
7) Dillon Thomas
8) Katie Yonchuk
9) Cody Conover
10) Truett Miranda
B Main – Ethan Burdett, Lacey Houghton



Sr Honda
1) Justin Oplinger
2) Braeden Allum
3) Christopher Oplinger
4) Lucas Sipka
5) Tyler Conover
6) Luke Riffle
7) Nick Loden
12) Alex Anderson



Hvy Honda
1) Levi Riffle
4) Jacob Borst
6) Joey Robinson
7) Harrison Moffitt
8) Abigail Kenney
9) Luke Akers



Jr Animal
1) Gavan Boschele
3) Turner Wiand
7) Coltan Currie
8) Delana Hodge



Sr Animal
1) Nick Loden
2) Gage Painter
3) Connor Yonchuk
4) Christopher Oplinger
5) Neal Allison
7) Tyler Conover



Hvy 160
1) Levi Riffle
2) Jacob Borst
3) Macy Currie
10) Joey Robinson
B Main – Abigail Kenney



Lt 160
1) Connor Yonchuk
2) Neal Allison
3) Justin Oplinger
4) Nick Loden
6) Delana Hodge
7) Luke Riffle
8) Tyler Conover
10) Gage Painter



Hvy World Formula
1) Jacob Borst
5) Macy Currie



Special thanks to Tin Box BBQ who left jars of their amazing barbeque sauce for each of the winners!


The next race of the Dixie Shootout Series will take place on June 27th at the Metro Atlanta Quarter Midget Association in Braselton, GA. The Dixie Shootout returns to NCQMA on October 17th!

Photos courtesy of Brannon Anderson.