Dixie Shootout Series Race #2 Results

Jr Honda Class Takes the Green Flag

NCQMA members traveled to Huntsville, AL for round #2 of the Dixie Shootout Series. Saturday, April 4th, dawned with unseasonably chilly temperatures, but clear skies, to kick off a long day of racing. It was a full house with 128 cars from around the southeast registered to race, 43 of those from NCQMA.

Despite the cold, NCQMA drivers brought the heat with numerous fast times in qualifying and 12 podium finishes by the night’s end. Pole qualifiers included Gavan Boschele for both Jr Honda & Jr Animal, Levi Riffle for both Hvy Honda & Hvy 160, Nick Loden in Sr Animal, and Connor Yonchuk in Lt 160. First place finishers included Gavan Boschele for both Jr Honda & Jr Animal, Levi Riffle for Heavy Honda and Gage Painter for both Sr Animal & Lt 160.

Here are the complete race results for our members:

Jr. Honda
1-Gavan Boschele
3-Delana Hodge
5-Cody Conover
6-Turner Wiand
9-Dillon Thomas
B Main-Katie Yonchuk, Colton Currie

Heavy Honda
1-Levi Riffle
3-Jacob Borst
7-Abigail Kenney
8-Joey Robinson

Levi Riffle Wins Heavy Honda

Levi Riffle Wins Heavy Honda, Photo by Rita Stanley

4-Gage Painter

Sr. Honda
2-Nick Loden
3-Justin Oplinger
4-Christopher Oplinger
6-Lucas Sipka
8-Tyler Conover
9-Luke Riffle
B Main-Brady Allum

Nick Loden finished top 3 in 3 classes

Nick Loden finished top 3 in 3 classes, Photo by Stephanie Loden

Jr. Animal
1-Gavan Boschele
6-Turner Wiand
9-Delana Hodge

Gavan Boschele Wins Jr Honda & Jr Animal

Gavan Boschele Wins Jr Honda & Jr Animal, Photo by Natalie Boschele

Sr. Animal
1-Gage Painter
2-Connor Yonchuk
3-Nick Loden
8-Christopher Oplinger
9-Tyler Conover

8-Jacob Borst
9-Macy Currie

Blue Rookie
4-Cooper Warren
5-Ethan Burdett

Blue Rookies

Blue Rookies Ethan Burdett(4) & Cooper Warren (5), Photo by Andrea Thomas

Lt 160
1-Gage Painter
2-Nick Loden
4-Delana Hodge
5-Tyler Conover
6-Connor Yonchuk
9-Justin Oplinger
10-Luke Riffle

Gage Painter Wins Sr Animal & Lt 160

Gage Painter Wins Sr Animal & Lt 160, Photo by Rita Stanley

Heavy 160
4-Macy Currie
9-Levi Riffle
B Main-Jacob Borst, Joey Robinson, Abigail Kenney

Congrats to all of our awesome drivers!

Our next local race will be held at NCQMA on April 18th. Come watch these drivers and many more battle it out on their home turf. Admission is always free! Round #3 of the Dixie Shootout Series will also be held at NCQMA on May 23rd. See you there!