Dixie Shootout Round #3 Information

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We are so excited to host round #3 of the Dixie Shootout Series at NCQMA! Good luck to all the families who will be participating this weekend!

PARKING: Parking begins on Thursday, May 21st.

ADDRESS: The track is located at 1130 Speedway Blvd, Salisbury, NC 28146.

Please check out these reminders to our members and visitors.

PRACTICING: Per Dixie Shootout Series rules our track is currently closed until the racing action begins on Saturday morning.

REGISTRATION: Sign-in is from 6PM – 8PM on Friday, May 22nd. Please sign-in on Friday, if at all possible. Late sign-in will be Saturday morning from 7AM – 8:30AM. You may also expedite the sign-in process by registering online here. The deadline to register online is 7PM on Thursday the 21st and you will still need to visit the tower during posted sign-in times to confirm your registration, sign waivers, and pay fees.

SCORING: The Dixie Shootout Series rules state that scorers preferably come from different tracks within the region, so if you are an experienced scorer and would like to help out with this during the races, please let tower director Kimberly Anderson know during registration.

FEES: $45 per car registration fee. If this is your first Dixie Shootout Series race this year, then a $10 per family series fee is also required (regardless of your home track). Transponders are available to rent for $5 and Raceceiver rentals are $20.

FUEL: Fuel at the Wilco Hess at exit 71, 89 octane. (NCQMA members please note this is different than our regular championship series rules.)

SCHEDULE: Drivers meeting at 8:30AM on Saturday, May 23rd followed by one 2 min round of practice then batch qualifying.

PHOTOS: For non-members who have traveled to NCQMA for the regional race, all race day photos will be made available immediately after the conclusion of the day’s race activities for $35.00. Simply bring an empty USB flash drive* (4GB or more recommended, please label with your name) to the tower at registration and give it to Kimberly or Brannon Anderson. After all races have finished, see them to pick-up your flash drive with the photos. *Flash drives will also be available for purchase for an additional charge. (NCQMA club members who have already purchased packages, your photos will be available at the next race.)

Q: Can I get water at the track for my RV/camper?
A: Yes, in order to fill your camper’s fresh water tank, you will need to find someone who has a key to the water spigots (there are 2 spigots, 1 on each side of the track). Just ask a few members and they can tell you who to look for that has a key. Then you can either back your camper up to one of the spigots (if space is available) or fill a portable tank. There is a $10 fee for this.

Q: Can I get electricity at the track for my RV/camper?
A: Yes, there are 12 electrical hook ups available. 6 on the hot chute side and 6 on the scale house side.  They are $15 a day, $30 for the weekend (Friday/Saturday). If not unhooked by 9am Sunday morning you will be charged an additional $15.  They are on a first come, first served basis.  There will be NO extension cords run across the roadways. If you choose not to park (or there is not any space left) in the area close to the electrical hook ups, then you will need to plan to bring a generator to use instead.