8/13 ROOKIE EXTRAVAGANZA Schedule Updates

Championship Race #9 – ROOKIE EXTRAVAGANZA
August 13, 2016
In an effort to give our large number of rookies a special Rookie Extravaganza experience and to also get our Junior drivers in before their curfew, there have been adjustments to the schedule. Please note that the schedule and race order below is tentative and may be adjusted by the NCQMA BOD/RDOs on race day.
The track will be CLOSED on Saturday until noon.
12:00-1:30 Practice – Rookie controlled practice is the first 15 minutes of each hour. Only Rookies may practice from 12:00-12:15 and from 1:00-1:15. Open practice for all non-rookie competitive classes will be from 1:15-1:30.
12:00 – 12:45 Registration in the Tower
1:45 Driver/Handler Meeting – all participants are required to attend. Random role call will be chosen by a pill draw at the time of meeting, if the driver and handler are not present the driver will start in the rear of the main for which he/she qualifies for.
2:00 Racing will begin.
Qualifying Order – Lt. WF, Hvy. WF, Jr Honda, Red Rookie, Mod WF, Blue Rookie, Sr. Honda,
Hvy. Honda, Jr. Animal, Sr. Animal, Hvy. 160, Lt. 160
Race Order – Lt. WF, Hvy. WF, Jr. Honda, Red Rookie, Blue Rookie, Jr. Animal, Sr. Honda, Mod
WF, Hvy. Honda, Sr. Animal, Hvy. 160, Lt. 160 (THIS MAY BE ADJUSTED ON RACE DAY)

MAKE-UP PICTURE DAY – We will be taking driver headshots for the yearbook for any driver who missed doing so last week BOD/RDO photos will also be taken. Drivers will be asked to remove hats. If you will not be at the track and need your driver’s picture made for the yearbook, please email AndreaThomasNC@yahoo.com so that we can make arrangements to get your photo at another time.

OPENING/CLOSING DUTIES: LAUDERBACK Family (Captain), SCOTT Family, MOLLET Family, and PRALL Family. All families on open/close detail should report to the scale house to sign in and out. There is a list of duties in the scale house on the sign in sheet. Opening duties are to begin at 11:00 am. If you need to change your scheduled open/close duty, please contact Scott McBride.